The goal of the No Impact Challenge is to end the week with the LEAST number of points. Here are ways that you will gain points: 

1. Each single-use item counts as one point. 

2. Recyclable items count as single-use. 

3. Toiletry and personal hygiene items do not count. 

4. Items with multiple parts are one point per part (for example, a package of gum that's wrapped in plastic counts as one point for the plastic wrap and one point for each gum wrapper in the package).

5. Homework does NOT count (i.e, if you have to print out and turn in a 10 page paper, it does not count as 10 points; but if you used 3 post-it notes to take notes during while writing it, those three do count).

6. In general, if you use an item that you could have avoided using, if there are alternative, multiple-use items that could have taken it's place, it counts (which means that, yes, tissues count!Time to break out your handkerchiefs!)

7. Have an item you're not sure about? Ask your chapter head, post a question on the website, or email [email protected] 

Points are reported using the honors system. You will receive a self-reporting form each night, so try to keep track of your items throughout the day (on your phone, not on a piece of single-use paper!). If you do not submit your points for the day, you'll get the day's average. 

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  • Lindsey Perry
    commented 2016-02-05 04:14:54 -0600
    Those are interesting tips for students on how to become eco-friendly.
    Talking about printed material you can reduce waste by printing on both sides.
    Get more students’ tips anf lifehacks with blog