No Impact

One of the consequences of mass consumption is the massive amounts of needless garbage that go along with it. For two weeks at the end of April, Roosevelt Midwest wants to challenge you to think about the waste you're creating and also ways to reduce it. 

What: The No Impact Challenge 

Who: You! And fellow Roosevelters across the region 

When: April 22 - May 6 with daily reporting

Where: Everywhere you go

Why: To monitor how many Single-Use Items you use each days, reduce your personal waste, and think of policy ideas related to sustainability 

How: Getting involved is easy! Just fill out the sign up form and you will receive a reporting form each night during No Impact to report the number of items you've used; each item counts as one point. As you participate, come back to this website to share your tips and pitfalls with other participants in the comments. 

No Impact is not just a challenge between Roosevelters, but also a challenge to yourself; as No Impact goes on, you can monitor your own day-to-day improvement. The goal is to end the two weeks with the fewest number of points -- or single-use items -- possible. In the past, we've had people end with fewer than 10 points! 

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