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The Roosevelt Network is the largest and oldest student-run policy organization in the country. It aims to engage and empower student leaders with the policies and politics that go far beyond election cycles. The policy process – the way in which we develop the rules that govern our lives – is a powerful tool for young people to develop, advance, and advocate for sustainable solutions that take on our most intractable problems. Through communication and coordination with political actors and community members, students are able to identify pressing issues in their states, communities, and towns. Taking advantage of the unique resources on their college campuses, they engage in policy research and writing and then connect the fruits of that research to the political process.

Here in the Midwest, we're focused on giving students the tools to write well researched policy proposals, elevating their ideas, and taking their policy through to implementation. We are working to build a community of chapters that collaborate to create and promote innovative progressive policies, and that connect as friends. Together we can create lasting change in the Midwest!


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